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Photo courtesy of El Periodicocr.com

Some good news, for a change.

According to Periodicocr.com, The president of the Institute of Press and Freedom of Expression (IPLEX), Alejandro Delgado Faith, filed a constitutional challenge to the recently signed Computer Crime Act  for “threatening freedom of expression and free access to public Information.”

Similar in its scope to the SOPA, in the United States, or the recently defeated version in Europe, the new law is an abomination. According to Delgado, items in the new law represent self-censorship on the part of journalists, who, fearing retaliation or conviction by the courts, would prefer silence. It introduces the concept of “secret information policy” that, according to Delgado, violates the provisions of Article 30 of the Constitution and Article 13 of the American Convention of Human Rights, which guarantee the right of every citizen to seek, receive, and pass on information. IPLEX is bringing the challenge to the Sala IV, Costa Rica’s Constitutional Court, to defend the rights of every citizen.

As an example of the broadness of the new law, Delgado used the recent report of the Office of Ethics against Leonardo Garnier and Vice President Liberman. According to new law, he says, that report could well be seen as political secret information.

¡¡¡ Hats off to IPLEX and hats off to Alejandro Delgado F.!!!!