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Presidenta Laura Chinchilla is in problems. Again.

Chinchilla’s party, Partido Liberación Nacional (PLN), has no majority in the legislature. Therefore, she must rely on the opposition to pass legislation, and the opposition has just announced they will not pass her much needed financial Plan B if she does not dismiss both her vice-president and her minister of education.

I posted on Sunday that the Council of Ethics found two of her ministers guilty of violating Costa Rica’s code of ethics. Both men wrote letters of recommendation to the state-run oil refinery, RECOPE, recommending the services of a former colleague and his wife. Almost immediately after the council offered up its opinion, Chinchilla announced that her ministers did nothing intentionally wrong nor acted with malice.

But she has a problem.

According to Inside Costa Rica, the opposition plans to withdraw support of “… the government’s financial Plan B and the planned sale of US $4 billion in Eurobonds which the government hopes will help realize savings on its interest payments. Costa Rica planned to sell an initial US $500 million before the end of 2012. ”

So far, Presidenta Chinchilla is holding her ground and continues to maintain her ministers did nothing wrong, but how long can she hold out, and what will happen to the country’s financial situation just to maintain her pride?

Over the past two years of her administration 11 out of her 23 ministers have been fired, forced to resign, or resigned voluntarily.