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CONAVI Director Intimidates Employees to Cover Up Corruption

El Chamuko, the infernal who runs the blog “El Infierno en Costa Rica” (Hell in Costa Rica) tells the story how the director of the Consejo Nacional de Vialidad (CONAVI), José Luis Salas Quesada, circulated a memo dated June 5, “a reminder on the duty of confidentiality of officials”.

The memo intimidates employees to keep quiet on the “chorizos” (graft) that have been committed at the state agency, reminding staff to maintain confidentiality, failing which is a “falta grave’ (grave offence) and subject to sanctions that could lead to dismissal.

The memo comes at a time when the CONVI is being seriously questioned on the management of funds with respect to the construction of La Trocha, the border trail road.

The directive seeks to silence employees witness to acts of corruption.

El Chumako and the rest of us ask, if the director has nothing to fear, why issue such a memo?

El Chumako goes on to comment that (CONAVI) management should be like a glass box where anyone can see through it and if that principle is jeopardized, we can only conclude a cover up.

The blogger offers any and all CONAVI employees to raise their voice, come forward with their stories andcomplaints, all under the guarantee of toal anomity, so that they are not persecuted by their superiors.

“The only way to stop the corruption is making it public, not hiding behind ‘confidentialities’, write El Chamuko.